Date: 2012-12-31 09:57 am (UTC)
After a job, no matter that Viggo was rarely marked with any evidence of his kill, he liked to take a shower. Sean shed his own weapons, checked to see that everything in the room was in order. Viggo wouldn't have bothered, trusting Sean to see to their security.

There's just so much history implied in just these two sentences. Wow. Just... wow.

Like Viggo, Sean worked quickly and efficiently when necessary, and he didn't spare time for indecision as he got Viggo into bed and trussed up spread-eagled with some pillows under his ass to raise his hips.

I like the ruthless efficiency here. The way Sean and Viggo seem to treat each other as well - or as badly - as they treat their targets, except without the deadly blow... It really says so much about their relationship and the world they live in, really. Fascinating.

He was too spent to struggle. Sean wondered if Viggo realized he no longer even wanted to.

And Sean knows Viggo so well here. There's a distorted kind of trust between them that I really, really like.

Part of Sean realized that his control was slipping, that he might be giving Viggo exactly what he wanted on Viggo's terms and not his own.

Wow. Just.. the implication that Viggo is using Sean just as he is begging Sean to use him - the equality between them is uterrly perfect here.

Anon author, this is magnificent. Thank you for sharing *kalypso's gift with us!
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